Obsessive Compulsive Couture

August 31, 2009

Hey y'all!

Now for those of you who've been following me from the start you'll notice A LOT of changes to my blog.

And here's the reason why... I have OCC thats Obsessive Compulsive Couture.

Meaning this blog is my baby and I really want it to be perfect by my standards alone.

All the new photos, new lay out/design, new music, new writing style... Its all still ME I've just made Eurydice and Media Princess

After all the two share a brain...

This is why I made the choice to go by MY name instead of 'Media Princess...

From now on this blog will be titled 'The Social Carnivore by Eurydice'

Hope you like the changes and brace yourself for more to come :)



August 28, 2009

Hey y'all!

Now honestly I don't know why it has taken me so long to make a post about my favorite place on earth, Forever21!

It's best place to shop for the fashionista on a budget!
Now I know my last post I shared my you a few fall must haves...

But now I'm gonna share some more affordable options!

cute satin chiffon dress w/ ruffles


Faux Leather Cage Pump


Faux Croc Tote


Lovely Boyfriend Blazer


[photos courtesy www.forever21.com]

Now you can be two of my favorite things: frugal and fashionable!

get your fix!


My must- haves for Fall '09

Hey y'all!

Here are a couple of my must-haves for Fall 2009.

Christian Louboutin Knee- high Boots <3
[photo courtesy www.speldicity.com]

OPI Matte Velvet Nail polish (Russian Navy)

[photo courtesy www.fashionesedaily.com]

McQ Boyfriend Blazer

[photo courtesy of www.newfoundlust.com]

back in black!!!!

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