"let me smell yo dick"

January 19, 2010

girl, i cant...
--dis fo' da hood ratz

This reminds me of the Maury show &&; Jerry Springer during the 90's when shxt was real. lmao.  I am boycotting all music coming out of the south.

this will eventually become one of my guilty pleasire due to maaaddd air time on the radios...



i spit hot fire.

January 14, 2010

Ok, what's going on in the world of the female rapper??  Lets recap shall we? 

Trina. --Completely out of her element,.  If ain't about her ass &&getting nxggas for their $$, she ain't got nothing to talk about.,.

Ms. Minaj. --Ridiculed for being raunchy && completely underrated by the masses,.  They say she's turned into a female lil wayne, so it's not ok for her to talk//act like weezy? But weezy can carry on all crazy?  ::confused look::

Lola Luv//Monroe. --video hoe turnt rapper.  giving up her "modeling career (video hoeing)" to focus on her "music",. lame,. in my opion.  She sounds eerily familiar...


the two sound A LOT a like...

im praying for the ladies to make it big in 2010,. keep your fingers crossed.

p.s. where's Kim?? Foxy?? FREE REMY! lol

--later dweebs &&dweeb-ettes



January 12, 2010

As I randomly search the web I stumbled upon this blog "Dana JEANius" ... she has a post on Nicki Minaj (yup another post dedicated to her lol)  where she says something really interesting:

"Does fucking like a man (or at least speaking about it) and deflecting the inevitable labels of "whore" and "slut" really accomplish something positive for all of Nicki's "Barbies" (female listeners)? "
SO I got to thinking...  Her female listeners should have other sources of positivity besides the music, && the music should be JUST MUSIC (entertainment) .  I'm soooooooo tired of celebrities being blamed for how other people's children turn out...  It's your job as parents to raise your children right and to be a positive role model, so they have somebody other than Beyonce (tho I loves her) to look up to.

sidenote: #stepyapu**y does mean for women to stop being promiscuious "if every ni**a on the block can say he beat, step ya pu**y up!" --Miss Minaj

fruit for thought,

--later dweebs &&dweeb-ettes


new movies.

January 8, 2010

The lovely bones-- this was one hell of a movie... im not gonna give away the movie but its really sad, but very artistic. Makes me never wanna have children because I'm too afraid of them getting hurt.

Sex &&the City 2--not out yet, but can't wait!

Alice in Wonderland!!!! -- #omg can't wait to see Johnny Depp in this movie!

Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus-- I really wanna see Heath Ledger's last performance, heard lots of good things...

--later dweebs &&dweeb-ettes



"They asked me if Drake is a better Singer or a better Rapper....I think's he's a better Actor" --50 Cent

Drake def needs to catch a break... Waaaayyyyy too many people are hating on the boy, but why??

Nxggas are treatin him like he's the next Soulja Boy <-- his backlash I can completely understand.

Yea, some of his song don't deliver like they use to... BUT not everything Weezy spits is hot, same goes for any other rapper any one will try to name.

I was a Drake fan before he got popular, && will be long after y'all stop.  that is all.

--later dweebs& dweeb-ettes


new music.

Trina ft Keri Hilson &&Diddy- "Million Dollar Girl"

--keri hilson is on everything these days, she's like the female T Pain...

Alicia Keys ft Beyonce- "Put it in a Love Song"

--not new, but i like...

Trina - "That's my attitude"

Jagged Edge ft Trina &&Gucci Mane- "Tip of My Tongue"



January 5, 2010

#nowplaying Keri Hilson ft  Nicki Minaj && Keyshia Cole- "Get Ya $$ Up"

#wtf Rihanna has a book coming out, titled "The Last Girl on Earth"<--- #bitchsaywhat ??

again, what does she possibly have to talk about??


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--later dweebs &&dweeb-ettes

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