January 12, 2010

As I randomly search the web I stumbled upon this blog "Dana JEANius" ... she has a post on Nicki Minaj (yup another post dedicated to her lol)  where she says something really interesting:

"Does fucking like a man (or at least speaking about it) and deflecting the inevitable labels of "whore" and "slut" really accomplish something positive for all of Nicki's "Barbies" (female listeners)? "
SO I got to thinking...  Her female listeners should have other sources of positivity besides the music, && the music should be JUST MUSIC (entertainment) .  I'm soooooooo tired of celebrities being blamed for how other people's children turn out...  It's your job as parents to raise your children right and to be a positive role model, so they have somebody other than Beyonce (tho I loves her) to look up to.

sidenote: #stepyapu**y does mean for women to stop being promiscuious "if every ni**a on the block can say he beat, step ya pu**y up!" --Miss Minaj

fruit for thought,

--later dweebs &&dweeb-ettes

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