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January 5, 2009

Hello all...

I feel a little weird once I really got into this whole blogging thing and the conclusion that I've come to is....

::drumroll please:: Blogging is just like high school. Its a race to see who can get the most hits on their page, basically who can become the most popular. Who's page design is the most unique. And what I've found is that every one on here is striving to be the most unique and "different from the rest" or the most mainstream. So that makes me ask, where do I fall in? what genre is my blog? What kind of audience (if any) do I have?

The thing that is mind boggling to me is that majority of the blogs that I have seen haven't really been news worthy or special. But then that leads me to the question: is my blog newsworthy? who decides what newsworthy is?

Don't mind me I get a little frazzled from time to time. I begin to question a bunch of things like purpose and existence to whether or not I really enjoy all my hobbies and such.

I guess my main point is self reflection. We should all stop an re- evaluate ourselves. Be original and don't regret ANY thing that you do...

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Future advice columnist?

Hello all...
I am pleased to announce that I received my first email asking for advice! The sender (who wishes to remain anonymous) is asking, to some, a life altering question. I am too happy to answer the question as it is a subject dear to my heart.

The email is as follows:

"Dear PrincessaMedia:
I just wanna say I wasn't really into the whole blog thing but your's is kinda cool. You can relate to it, which is why I joined your group on facebook. I don't want you to reveal my name on your blog because those who know me or you will automatically know what situation I am speaking on.

But my question is: When do things get easier? I feel like I give and I give to family, friends, and even my boyfriend and I feel like I never get the same in return. Now all the people in my circle aren't all jerks (my boyfriend and my sisters and brothers) but the friends aren't as understanding or caring...

After I sat them down to tell them how I was feeling and what we should do to move on and it seems weeks later nothing has changed. What should I do?"

I would just like to say thanks for reading my blog! And secondly this isn't an easy question to answer. Some of the more stubborn people I know would say to cut them off and keep on moving. Some of the nicer people I know would say try talking to them again because some people never learn on the first try.

Personally, from experience I've learned that just because you hold someone in high regards that the sentiment doesn't have to be returned. I had people in my life that I felt were life long friends that turned out to be semester long friends...

You see like my mom always told me (and she's pretty wise for a young mom, lol) God puts people in your life to teach you certain lessons and that once you learn from them, they leave. So, I was learning from these people and trying to keep them in my life way past their expiration dates.

You gotta go with the flow, and not to sound cliche but if you love something, let it go, and if it comes back its here to stay. If these people are willing to leave (or in your situation, not be there like they should or just overall bad friends) let them go. If they're true friends they'll find their way back to.

Take this as a sign that God wants you to work on you. Maybe you need some more alone time or God is teaching you independence. Just remember everything happens for a reason and to learn to find the good in things.

Hope this helps


SEA: Great Thai Restaurant

January 4, 2009

Sea is a Thai restaurant located at 114 N. 6th Street, out in Brooklyn.

Though this was my first time at a Thai restaurant, thanks to one of my favorite television networks (Food Network) I had a good idea of what I was getting into.

The atmosphere reminded a lot of a rave, well the raves I see on t.v. There was a DJ mounted above everybody playing techno music. Evan, remember him? Well yea Evan claimed the DJ wasn't really doing much, I sort of agree.

There was people from wall to wall and the wait for a 2 person party was an hour and a half. Evan assured me that the wait was worth it, and it was...

When they finally got to our number, 314, we left the crowded waiting area/bar to go into a crowded seating area. The decor was different... There were wooden benches connected to the table and wasn't much leg room.

When we finally ordered we order a pineapple and a guava ice teas. For an appetizer we had chicken and shrimp steamed dumplings in some sauce, sorry my memory is horrible... For an entree' we ordered Drunkman's noodle and (Something) Duckling Curry, sorry there goes my memory guys...

The drunkman's noodles were really flavorful and chewy... It had squid, chicken, shrimp, and vegetable in it so I only stole a couple bites because of the squid. The duck was wonderful! The curry/peanut sauce was delicious with a hint of spice, the vegetables were tender and the rice was nice and sticky.

Our drinks, however, lacked flavor and tasted extremely watered down. Overall the food was great (A), the service was quick and we got our appetizer and meal within 25 minutes (so A+), the atmosphere was great (they had a coy pond in the center of the restaurant though we sat no where near it, so B) with the exception of the loud techno music, you could barely hold a conversation or think for that matter.

If you ever find your way to the L train, get off at Bedford Ave and walk over to 6th and Berry for a unique dinning experience... It'll be worth it

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Inside By ME

January 1, 2009

“So what do we have now?” asked Detective Bianca Hardy, as she walked into a gruesome crime scene.
“White male, beat several times with a blunt objective…” says one of the crime scene investigators.
“Was that the cause of death?” inquired Hardy.
“No, he was beat just before being strangled to death” says the csi.
“And the murder weapon?” asks the Detective, who was slowly losing patience.
“A thin rope. You can see the rope burns stretching from ear to ear. You can tell there was some sort of struggle; as there are multiple rope burns on top of one another.”
“Yea but where is it? Never mind. Where’s Calhoune?”
“In the bedroom, the victim wasn’t beat out here in the living room, so they’re investigating in there.”

Hardy walked down the short corridor to reach the bedroom. The crime scene seemed to get more gruesome the further into the apartment she went. There was blood splatter everywhere. It seemed unreal for the blood was a dark burgundy color and oozed in clumps. So much so, the walls looked like they were bleeding. A painting, previously hung on the wall, was knocked to the floor with a deep foot print dead in its center. The rug was stained with vomit, probably belonging to victim. Only if she were lucky would she find DNA from the perp. Right outside the bedroom door sat a broken vase.
“There goes our blunt object” says Hardy to herself.
“Desmond, please tell me you’ve got something for me” asks Hardy.
“Looks like the murderer was really into the news… We’ve got a copy cat on our hands” says Desmond Calhoune, Hardy’s partner.
Desmond, unlike Bianca, was a veteran to the force and slowly climbed his way up to Detective. At first there was some resentment towards the rookie cop who was awarded the title after serving only a year on the job, but after five years of being partners he began to realize her gift. There was no other officer, or woman for that matter, that Calhoune trusted more with his life.
“Same M.O. as the others. The victim knew the perp. Seemed like they were being intimate or was about when the attack happened” explained Calhoune.
“Why do you say that?” asked a puzzled Hardy.
“They victim was found in his underwear. There’s semen present. His. No traces of a condom. We’re backed into a corner, just like before.”
“How is this possible? Four murders. Four Perpetrators. All in jail!” her patience was just about nonexistent at this point. She took a deep sigh before asking for the rest of the details.
“See, this is where the copy cat angle ends… The victim’s teeth were knocked out and placed under the pillow along with his wallet.”
“Yea? Just like the four ‘Tooth Fairy Murders’. How does this not signal to you that we have a copy cat on our hands?” inquired Hardy.
“You and I both know that we left out certain details from the press so that we could catch the bastard who was committing those murders” said Calhoune, “We got so wrapped up in the ‘Tooth Fairy Murderer’ that we just wanted to convict whoever seemed guilty. And when the murders kept happening, we had to act swiftly and not so much accurately. If you catch my drift…”
“Spit it out, my patience is long gone. Could you just get to the point?”
Calhoune dragged Hardy into the bathroom, the only place in this Manhattan loft apartment where they could have no eyes and ears around the two and then he began to whisper.
“What if? Now hear me out, but what if all four of those guys were innocent? I mean all the evidence was circumstantial. Those guys all knew the victims but haven’t seem them in ages.”
“So they claim!” interrupted Bianca.
“Their prints and hair fibers could have been there for God knows how long. The jury’s heads were filled with the whole ‘Tooth Fairy Murderer’ frenzy that they all could of just convicted these people just off of the mass hysteria the newspapers created!” pleaded Desmond.
“I use to think like that, but then the murders stopped for a while.”
“I think we need to explore other options” says Calhoune.
“Such as?” sasses Hardy.
“We never completely explained what tied those four guys together. Four boroughs didn’t necessarily mean four killers.”
“So how would you explain this?”
“Maybe the Tooth Fairy wasn’t a male. All those convicted were heterosexuals. Think about it, who was our victim actively being intimate with?”
“I don’t know who, right now. But that’s exactly our job; to find out!”

The frustrated beauty left the scene aggravated and jaded. She walked just down the block to
W 83rd Street
5th Avenue
where her coop was parked. As she walked the sound of her Giuseppe pumps clit clacked against the pavement. It was a talent of hers to focus in on the most overlooked, insignificant- details, like the sound of her shoes as she walked, and to find their relevance. It was her ability to do this that got her the job in the first place. She got in her car and gave herself a pep talk, as she stared in the rear view mirror she noticed a navy blue Volks Wagen Passat parked on the corner. The street was cut off due to the crime scene. She let it go, she had no time to be a meter maid and issue tickets; she had enough on her plate. She started the car and turned up the music, it would be a long drive back to the north Bronx and she was already tired.

Bianca was born and raised in the Bronx, and once she became successful she vowed to never leave. Her quaint brownstone home was located just off of
241st Street
White Plains Road
. Though it small, it was more than enough space for one person to live comfortably. She was only 20 minutes away from her childhood home, over by
Fordham Road
, and definitely had come up in the world. She grew up in a grubby four floor apartment building, along with her parents and four siblings. Crowded in a two bed room apartment, she enjoyed every moment of her childhood until she hit puberty.

She was a very voluptuous 12-year-old. She had the curves of women twice her age and tried constantly to hide it. She received much unwanted attention; her friends gave into the pressure that their new bodies put on them, but not her. The unwanted attention and perverse cat calls she got when she was just an adolescent conditioned her to hate older men. In many cases she had to fight this bias to find the correct killer.
With the support of her family she stuck with her studies and “made it out”. She resides in the better part of the Bronx so she can ride through her old neighborhood, as if she was saying “Yup. Look at me! I made it! Even when you thought I wouldn’t or couldn’t!” These childhood memories haunt her everyday and are one of the reason she wanted to become a detective, to get these child predators off the street. Her year on the force lead her to wanting to take all scum off the streets.

She pulled into her drive way and parked. As she walked into her house she silently vowed that she was going to crack this case wide open. She quickly changed and headed to her bedroom, she had a long day. Just as she climbed in to bed she noticed the same navy blue Passat parked across the street from her home. She shrugged it off, just another day of her bringing her work home with her.


The Spirit, 2008 Movie Review

Disclaimer: I am not a movie critic, just an avid movie goer with an opinion no one can silence...

As an aspiring Journalist and a media studies student I have been turned into a drone that disects every aspect of media looking for subliminal messages. The movie "Spirit (2008)" was given to us by the visionary mastermind responsible for the movie "300" (Rosario Provenza) and Frank Miller, the director. With Scarlet Johansson, Sarah Paulson, and Dan Lauria.

As far as the whole graphic novel genre of movies emerging this movie delivers. You have the bad guy aka "Octopus" played by Samuel L. Jackson; the good guy aka "Spirit" played by Gabriel Macht; and the love interest aka "San Serif" played by Eva Mendez. Typical of graphic novels, this movie was over- sexed, thanks in large part to San Serif, perpetuated already long standing stereotypes (Jackson aka Octopus, the only African American on the cast was shown in sort of "black face" in the opening battle with Spirit), and the bregading big strong man saves the day!

However, "Spirit" was not as asethically pleasing as compared to the visual experience you gained watching "Sin City" or "300". The fight scences were'nt hardly gory enough, showing almost no blood or guts; the use of guns was down played signifanctly compared to that in "Sin City"; and the plot was completely predictable. Though all is not lost, there will definitely be a sequel.

On to the movie now?

In a crime ridden town, criminal master mind (Octopus) resurrects a cop, who dons the alias "Spirit" to conceal being "reborn" for reasons he does not understand. As it turns out, the man who, in a sense fathers him, becomes his sworn enemy. Spirit swears to foil Octopus' plans of world domination, which is not clearly explained until half way through the movie. It turns out that the blood of Hercules can turn either Octopus or Spirit immortal if they drink from the vase. This is where San Serif comes into play. She is perhaps the golddigger of all gold diggers fleeing from Central City and Spirit when she was 16 to persue the finer life she thinks she deserves, stealing all the shiny things she wants on the way. In a swap gone wrong, Octopus ends up with out the vase and San ends up without her shiny suit of armor.

In an very anticlimactic end, all the characters meet up one last time. Spirit is down but not out, and San ends up saving the world by shooting through the vase before the Octopus gets to drink. Spirit blind sides the Octopus and blows him to bits, only after Scarlet Johansson's character Silken Floss escapes with the henchmen. Spirit leaves after breaking hearts. San leaves unphased and with her freedom. And a part of the Octopus lives on...

I do not look forward to the sequel...

Though I was amused by the Octopus' henchmen, clones of a "fat idiot" all named similar names like Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. A bit too clever for this movie as the audience probably lost sight of the irony of stupidly grinned henchmen.

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