SEA: Great Thai Restaurant

January 4, 2009

Sea is a Thai restaurant located at 114 N. 6th Street, out in Brooklyn.

Though this was my first time at a Thai restaurant, thanks to one of my favorite television networks (Food Network) I had a good idea of what I was getting into.

The atmosphere reminded a lot of a rave, well the raves I see on t.v. There was a DJ mounted above everybody playing techno music. Evan, remember him? Well yea Evan claimed the DJ wasn't really doing much, I sort of agree.

There was people from wall to wall and the wait for a 2 person party was an hour and a half. Evan assured me that the wait was worth it, and it was...

When they finally got to our number, 314, we left the crowded waiting area/bar to go into a crowded seating area. The decor was different... There were wooden benches connected to the table and wasn't much leg room.

When we finally ordered we order a pineapple and a guava ice teas. For an appetizer we had chicken and shrimp steamed dumplings in some sauce, sorry my memory is horrible... For an entree' we ordered Drunkman's noodle and (Something) Duckling Curry, sorry there goes my memory guys...

The drunkman's noodles were really flavorful and chewy... It had squid, chicken, shrimp, and vegetable in it so I only stole a couple bites because of the squid. The duck was wonderful! The curry/peanut sauce was delicious with a hint of spice, the vegetables were tender and the rice was nice and sticky.

Our drinks, however, lacked flavor and tasted extremely watered down. Overall the food was great (A), the service was quick and we got our appetizer and meal within 25 minutes (so A+), the atmosphere was great (they had a coy pond in the center of the restaurant though we sat no where near it, so B) with the exception of the loud techno music, you could barely hold a conversation or think for that matter.

If you ever find your way to the L train, get off at Bedford Ave and walk over to 6th and Berry for a unique dinning experience... It'll be worth it

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