laugh my a** off..

December 30, 2009

courtesy of mindless wandering on the internet... enjoy
Young Money "Bed Rock" Parody

remember B5??? thanks Mel

lol@ looking like a Japanese band....


death to the party girl.

December 27, 2009

I'm giving up on having a social life...

How is it that I live in "the city that never sleeps" but I'm always bored??

Class. Home. Homework. Blog. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Occassionally I go visit the BF in PA, but that's not hardly often enough to keep me entertained.

I attempted to go out last night, but my ride got a flat on the FDR so I was convinced I wasn't meant to go anywhere. Plus it was raining like shit.

I'm gonna try again on New Years (day). Here's what I think I might wear.

I'm so over being uncomfortable in a party (heels && the tight dress might die in 2009 for me). I'm a little iffy tho, don't wanna be the only chick in sneakers in the club, tho its gonna be a greek event so I'll wanna be able to move...

what do y'all think?  my BF is gonna be there && I don't feel the need to impress anybody, so...

later dweebs


shorti got gifts.

--Christmas was good to me...


"I keep three hoes, but don't call me santa"- Nicki Minaj

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas y'all!  In honor of the season I leave you with these hilarious holiday vids. enjoy....

A Very T Pain Xmas

Grinch Stole Xmas ft Gucci Mane, Montana Da Mac, && Waka Flocka

hope you guys are enjoying the holiday, I know I am...

#eggnog is my best friend right now....

I've got to say I'm really feelin my family this year. That last couple of days we've done some real bonding. We cleaned together (why do black women use cleaning as a bonding experience??)

Anyways, we stumbled upon some pics of me && my sis when we were younger.

I didn't realize how much stuff we've been through &&how far we've come. Its crazy....

This damn liquor got me all emotional lol.

--later dweebs



December 23, 2009

im sorry I had to post this....

too much coonery for me.


lost little girl- the poem

December 22, 2009

You know what's wrong with you?
You think there's nothing wrong...
Up in the club, grinding to every song.
While your three kids are at home,
Being raised by the tv, no adults, they're all alone.

Now the cycle continues && its a shame,
Ur daughters missing class to spread her legs lookin for fame...
She has no self esteem, && that's her dream
Mommy wasn't there && daddy couldn't cut it...
So she does what she does, tellin her conscience to shut it.

Now what do you do?
Step in and save her?
That won't stop her wild behavior...
Cuz if you can do it, so can she.
Won't stop, unless she catches that HIV.

Time for change,
Cuz this all seems strange...
Bxtches pride themselves on their bodies,
Whatever happened to ur mind? Dislikes? And hobbies?

He won't respect you,
And neither will I...
Cuz this ain't you,
Ur living a lie...



December 21, 2009

I'm so bored right now.
Itch'n like a crack head, but I don't know what I'm craving.... (well I do, but I'll never tell)

Maybe I'll watch a movie, or Beyonce' (I recorded her "I Am... Yours" special on BET earlier).

My sister can be such a hater (for lack of a better word) sometimes.... any && everything I like, she hates. Hmm... yet everything I like/do (how I talk, dress, act) she eventually ends up doing... i.e. dressing like a white girl rather than a hoodrat

...pardon the mini rant

Still got a paper to write, wtf why is my semester not over yet??


btw one of the worst feelings in the world is missing people who don't seem to miss you.

::reaches for the pork rinds::

later dweebs


Little Freak

December 20, 2009

Usher ft. Nicki Minaj



don't think I have a thing for female MC's but.... this video had me rollin'

lil mama is the worst "rapper" alive...
watching this how can people hate on Nicki Minaj?? just sayin....


iPod top 20.

turn my ipod on. put it on shuffle. list the first 20 songs that come on.

  1. We Taking Over- Lil Wayne 'n dem
  2. The Calm- Drake
  3. Mirror- Ne-Yo
  4. Deceiving- Drake
  5. Splash Waterfalls- Ludacris
  6. Love and Affection- Pressure [for my westindians ;)]
  7. Watch Di Gal Dem Roll- Sean Paul
  8. Touch- Omarion
  9. It's Yours- J Holiday
  10. Blessed- Christina Aguilera
  11. Houstalantavegas- Drake
  12. Role Play- Trey Songz
  13. Mr. Yeah- The Dream
  14. Sexy Can I- Ray J
  15. One Sweet Day- Mariah ft Boyz II Men
  16. Handstand- Nicki Minaj ft Shannell
  17. Just One of Those Days- Monica
  18. Stay- Pretty Ricky
  19. Ignorant Shxt- Lupe Fiasco
  20. Halo- Beyonce
there you go folks... now consider yourselves tagged.

later dweebs


thank you. thank you. you're far too kind

thanks to * ! zodiac ! *  for creating this award.  check her out here
so the rules are as follows:
"Just pick five (or more if you like) blogs that you have been in love with ever since you first checked them out then under that blog name just give one reason why you come back for more."

  1. Trey : I don't know how many times I'm gonna nominate you... deal with it.  The music head in me appreciates every post! (p.s. love the new layout)
  2. Lalaliyabean : ur bold as shxt.  Things I think to post, you do.... lmao, keep it up.
  3. Landre : is different. thoughts, ideas, swag= all unique, its appreciated
  4. Reesey Reese : honesty is always the best policy.  She keeps it real...
  5. .cris. : new to this blogspot clique but quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
if you weren't mentioned that doesn't mean I don't read, but I look these guy's updates...

later dweebs


retail therapy.

December 19, 2009

So I was late for work today. and now they probably won't call me to work again anytime soon... smh

So I did a little Xmas shopping...

...for myself :)

I got a bunch of stuff for under $200, unbelievable I know....

The goodies include:

A royal blue peacoat
Royal blue suede ankle boots
Tan moccasins (sp?)
two pairs of jeans (since im ripping all my older pairs)
a sweat shirt with cute zipper accents
a black blazer
some graphic tees
and three pairs of earrings

my mom says I can't have my stuff until Xmas (what am I 12??), so I'll have the pics up after then....

side note:
I'm thinking of getting a custom domain.
Should I go from to ???

later dweebs


chasing the dream.

December 17, 2009

Lately I've suffered from a few set backs.  But as many of you may know, I want to be a writter.  Fcuk that, I am a writer... Just not a published author lol

Anyways, I spoke with my creative writing professor, and I decided that the type of writing I want to do has no genre.  So...  I will make one of my own.

I've been sitting here waiting for my big break, not realizing I have to make shxt happen!

I guess I just partially believed that my talent will get me where I wanna be.  But there's a business to this whole thing, now I'm playing catch up.

So today, I will write.  I will write all day.  It's time for me and my laptop to get reacquainted. Yup....

If everything goes well, this is what you can expect by this time next year:

An anthology or collection of short stories.

A poetry book.

And I will finally finish one of my novels.

December 17, 2010 will be my day... watch and see


you want fries with that?

December 15, 2009

there's one girl who I went to college with that I would always admire.  she was a bigger girl but carried herself better than most.  she was fashionable && had swag (for a lack of a better word).

I respected the fact that she embraced her size and dressed to fit it.

...getting to my point...

so I've gained a little weight.  no more than ten pounds... but its enough weight where my clothes don't fit the same.

lately I've been overthinking things (more than usually) && came to some conclusions...

I am uncomfortable with buying larger clothes, not being able to buy jeans from any store I go in.  I know something's got to give, I've ripped two pairs of jeans in the last month tryna fit into em [lmao].

I keep telling myself I'm gonna go on a diet, but lets be real... I love food way to much to break up with it.  So should I just say fcuk it? Im beautiful regardless, and my body is still banging? (i know this is true, but i was more comfortable maybe one pant size smaller)...


what do you guys think?

i hate having these girly moments.



"she wears the world on her shoulders/no one else can really understand/she says she's/better explained when intoxicated/but thats when all the chips fall/and there's nobody around/to catch you when you hit the ground/its happening again/ she woke up in Houstatlantavegas" --Jojo: Houstatlantavegas Remix


“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” -- via @drakkardnoir


impersonation the highest form of flattery??

Funny Nicki Minaj impersonation:

Any ways the point of this post I just found out that a certain somebody has been jacking my style.  Using my stupid little catch phrases.  Dressing off beat, wearing blue everyday like me.  And now she wants to join my sorority...

Now I get that I didn't invent half the mannerisms I've acquired, BUT I'm known for them in my small part of the world.  So should I be flattered that shorty is swagger jackin me? or should I be offended?



December 14, 2009

My mom, my sis, and I went on a shopping spree on saturday (my sister's treat ;) )  && got some really cute stuff.  I CANT WAIT TIL CHRISTMAS... I know I sound like a big ass kid, sue me.

So I took a placement test with the US Census Bureau on  Sunday.  They said we should aim towards the high 80's... I scored a 97% hopefully I'll be getting that phone call...

Best part is, my test administrator says they don't do random drug testing (in case I wanna take up old habits).  I blame Kid Cudi, been bumpin his songs a lot lately....

My semester is almost over and I'm looking at all A's, maybe one B...

I miss my boyfriend, though he's been pissing the fcuk off lately.  Won't be seeing his high yeller ass til New Years, sux right? I know.

My sister is home from school, now it feels even more crowded than it was.  I really need to get my own place.


there's not much going on with me, I need a muse.  Something to motivate/inspire me...

I need a girls night out.  Maybe one day soon.

later dweebs.


on repeat.

December 8, 2009


Trey Songz ft Usher &&Keri Hilson- "I Invented Sex- Remix"


Don't Blame Nicki Minaj...

So I got the idea for this post from Miss Khaki, check out her post here...

In her post she's basically asking what is all the hype about Miss Minaj, she's not even all that *hoodrat voice*

Here's my comment on the whole situation:
"I like what she stands for, a female presence in the rap game...


Like many who sign with Young Money, her shit got lame once she got a lil bit of fame.
She had tracks before her beam me up scotty mix tape, and she has talent (she can spit/sing)
but fuckin with wayne now she's auto tuned- out, she's sounding more n more like him.
Its pathetic...
(Devil's advocate time) No body can knock her cuz shes doing what wayne's doing... NOT EVERYTHING WAYNE SPITS IS HOT!!!! but people act like it is, i feel my iq drop everytime I really listen to him, so now I just bop to the music.
As far as these women out here calling them selves barbies (BARBIES = Bum Ass Replica Bitches Imitating Everyone's Swag) that's their fault, can't blame Ms Minaj..."

So the point of my post is, is it really Nicki's fault that all these bumb bxtches decided it was cool to swagger jack her?  That is was cool get matching weaves and run around calling themselves barbies when they look like ken?

I say don't blame poor Nicki, lol.  Now she's gotta go think of another way to be origianl while the bird bxtches sit and wait for the next big thing.  Come on  son *(ed lova voice*), that's like blaming Jordan for making his sneakers- how was he supposed to know that they would become the official hoodrat shoe of choice???

If anybody is offended by this post... TOO BAD ITS MY BLOG lol

I leave you with the latest young money video "Bed Rock"


im loosing my mind. officially

December 7, 2009

I'm really trying to be patient with && let God handle things... but I need to take action now.  All my shit is pilling up in my mom's house and she wants to put it in storage! I don't know if you've ever had to live out a suit case for an extended amount of time,but the shit sucks!

I don't have a room of my own... This is self explanatory as any female, especially a 21 year old, needs her space.

I didn't get the job i went on like 100+ interviews for. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

Everything that I want to do, I can't. And why? Because I'm broke.

This is not how I pictured life when I was finally 21, but whatever...

I had a crazy ass dream last night.
My sister, my boyfriend, and I were in Australia.  The entire continent was flooding and the government was not trying to evacuate the people, only the officials.<-- would def happen in real life.
By the grace of god we found like a speed boat then a really tall skycrapper.  We waited on the roof untill the three huge waves passed.  Strangely, the water would rise and fall pretty quickly.

I don'y know but the shit was weird.  Once we made it to safety we met up with some other friends, my ex boyfriend, and some complete strangers.  My mom was ok, we spoke to her on the phone, but she didnt appear anywhere in my dream

I wish I knew what the fcuk this means.  Weird right?  I need a  drink... Or an L.


"Mama, you know I love you"...

December 5, 2009

I always loved that song (by Boyz II Men if you didn't know)


Today is my mother's birthday and I thought I would do a post about why mother is mu best friend... Instead Im just going to leave y'all with some of her infamous quotes, then you'll know why i respect her g (lol)

"If people don't like you, FCUK EM"

"Have you ever wanted for anything? NO, you always get what you want"

"Remember, you don't need anybody... except me"

"The same bxtches that put you down before will make they're way back around. Don't give em the chance."

.....the list could go on and on

My mom is the realest, sincerest, funniest, honest woman I know...  I wanna be like her when I grow up. =)


real recognize real... in theory

December 1, 2009

When will people realize that we have choices in life?  And when will people admit that they've made some bad choices??

trust me things would  be so much easier if we  kept it as real with ourselves as we claim to do with others...

food for thought.

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