death to the party girl.

December 27, 2009

I'm giving up on having a social life...

How is it that I live in "the city that never sleeps" but I'm always bored??

Class. Home. Homework. Blog. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Occassionally I go visit the BF in PA, but that's not hardly often enough to keep me entertained.

I attempted to go out last night, but my ride got a flat on the FDR so I was convinced I wasn't meant to go anywhere. Plus it was raining like shit.

I'm gonna try again on New Years (day). Here's what I think I might wear.

I'm so over being uncomfortable in a party (heels && the tight dress might die in 2009 for me). I'm a little iffy tho, don't wanna be the only chick in sneakers in the club, tho its gonna be a greek event so I'll wanna be able to move...

what do y'all think?  my BF is gonna be there && I don't feel the need to impress anybody, so...

later dweebs

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