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June 29, 2010

T.I. recently visited razor tongued late-night queen, Chelsea Handler, on Chelsea Lately.  T.I. discussed what was next for him including music, movie, and his clothing line.

since VH1 is doing it, BET has jumped on board with giving celebs their own reality shows... Only this one is cleverly disguised as a 'docu-series' titled "My Moment".

See the man behind the mic, maybe he's trying to dispell rumors. Tune into BET for more of Trey.

Rapper J.Cole also sat down with BET to discuss his upcoming debut album, his music, and how he has a love for production as well, producing more than half of his new album.

I think these three men are next in line for complete media saturation.  ALL T.I. ;  ALL J.COLE ; ALL TREY SONGZ ; ALL THE TIME....

Ladies enjoy, guess thin is in...

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Summer of trailers..

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow"-

The series that inspired the films is at an, but the franchise is going to make you wait as long as you possibly can. How? By splitting the final installment of the Harry Potter series "Deathly Hollows" will be two motion pictures! And in 3-d! How exciting.  Harry will be 30 before we know how his ends #fail...

"Little Fockers"-

This should be interesting considering the more "Meet the..." movies they make, the less funny they become... #kanyeshrug

happy movie watching!

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Introducing Young Flame

Denzil Porter aka Young Flame is a budding artist on the New York underground rap scene.

His music can be described as very energetic; upbeat to mid-tempo, even slow jams, Young Flame does it all. He has a unique voice and a flow that has is unheard of as well as a lot of charisma. Young Flame is an all out entertainer. The man himself can be summed up as humble, yet aggressive and stubborn, determined, and innovative.
check out some of his music:

and get to know the man behind he music:

His mixtape, "Live from the Other Side" drops July 5th


wanna be featured on the site? Email us at [include photos, link, etc.]
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The Sinsational Series No. 4: Denzil Porter

Young Flame was born Denzil Porter on April 30, 1988 in the Bronx, New York to Jamaican parents. His passion for Hip-Hop music developed at a young age and was solidified as a young teen. Back in 2002 while in high school, Young Flame began freestyling and battling, defeating almost every competitor he faced. Amidst his rising celebrity was chaos, as his parent’s divorce fueled his drive and pushed him to succeed.

Riding this wave, Young Flame recorded his first song at a local studio on 183rd street. In 2004 he started Wreckhouse Entertainment. Starting off small, Young Flame built a computer from scratch, which became a staple in creating his music, and then went on to construct a private studio in his home.

Young Flame later began hosting and promoting parties after a house party had a huge turn-out and exceeded his expectations. He had his hand in everything and was still recording music, charging $15 an hour for a session. This was the beginning of WreckHouse ENT.

In 2006, Wreckhouse was receiving recognition and fame after recording and performing their hit “Shorty Think She Wifey” at a Truman High School talent show, and became the buzz of high schools all over the Bronx. Later that year, Wreckhouse released their first mix-tape, which sold out its first week. Success continued to follow YoungFlame when his self-written and self- produced single “Boogie Down” became a viral hit, receiving over 30,000 plays on Myspace.

In 2007 Young Flame won first place in the SRC/ UNIVERSAL “FACES IN THE CROWD” competition, despite being the youngest performer and first to go on out the 17 acts scheduled to perform. It was then Young Flame and Wreckhouse solidified their spot in the local music scene, becoming household names in the Bronx.

Young Flame decided to take his show on the road and began performing at night clubs. Over the next two years he had performed at clubs including Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Blue Villa, Amazura, and Dazzles in Mount Vernon, New York. Young Flame also performed at Ballers Night Club With Jabba of Massive B, Hot 97.1 radio station and Cypha Sounds of Big Dog Pitbulls, also of HOT 97.1 radio station.

It wasn’t until 2008 that he decided to release his first solo mixtape “On My Way Home”. And in 2009 Young Flame upped the ante and recorded two music videos for his smash singles “Escape to Happiness” and “Slow Down”.

In his short career Young Flame has reached great heights like opening for distinguished artists such as Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, as well as performing alongside Macka Diamond. The internet has added extra momentum to his career via sites like,,,,,,,,,,,, and Particularly, his appearance on which received over 51,000 views and 600 comments, it is clear people are paying attention to Young Flame. All this in addition to his radio interviews/ appearences with Spate Radio, Royal Radio, Real Deal Fm, Hatemoney Radio, Five Towns College and Video City.

Young Flame’s music can be described as very energetic; upbeat to mid-tempo, even slow jams, Young Flame does it all. He has a unique voice and a flow that has is unheard of as well as a lot of charisma. Young Flame is an all out entertainer. The man himself can be summed up as humble, yet aggressive and stubborn, determined, and innovative.

Since his start back in 2002, Young Flame has been featured on many projects including On My way Home- (Young Flame, Wreckhouse Ent), Welcome to Wreckhouse (Wreckhouse Ent), Where the F is the Love (Frenyc), Industry Gotta Problem (Dj Bedtyme), Spot 6 (Jae Tips), Sign Endorse Here (Mash Music), Welcome Back 2 Wreckhouse (Wreckhouse Ent) Free Crib ( Klassick, BFG), and Pillow Jam (Dj Madout, Shadyville Carribean).

Young Flame is currently working on his next mix-tape entitled “Live from the Other Side” which is expected to drop on July 5, 2010 and you can look for him on the “Unsigned 95 Tour” this year.

want more?

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Nominate me for MTV's TJ!!!!

June 21, 2010

Call it overly ambitous but this is perfect!

So all you guys have to do is go to: and nominate me (@sin_sational) for MTV's fiirst ever Twitter Jockey!

I need you guys' support so feel free to nominate me as much as you'd like!

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What's New?

June 16, 2010

Here's a snippet of rapper J. Cole's new video for his single "Who Dat"

The official video is set to drop on June 21st /via PATisDope & 2BD

New music by MIA titled "Steppin Up"

MIA is back with another head banger, unique to here.  She is still the ecletic queen of Pop.

Speaking of Queens of Pop, former queen Christina Aguilera has seemed to have lost her niche.

 Despite her added media presence and promotion for her album "Bionic" she missed the #1 spot, ranking at #3.  Christina has the vocal ability to have a long stay in the inndustry.  Check out one of her singles "Sex for Breakfast" #supportgoodmusic

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Music News

Kelis recently performed her single "4th of July (Fire Works)"... Check it out.

Hard as I try, I don't like this new (post Nas lol) Kelis... She's weird. Her album "Fleshtones" drops soon.
New music: David Banner- "Who's That (The Mixtape Song)"

|different artwork than what was leaked to the internet|
Rumor has it Eminem's release date for his RECOVERY album has been pushed up to June 21st. Speculation says its to avoid tracks leaking. Check out one of the tracks off the up coming album:
"25 To Life"

Lastly check out B.o.B.'s second single of his debut album titled "Airplanes ft Haley Williams"

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Dizzy over Drizzy

On the day his debut album "Thank Me Later" was released, Drake scheduled a free concert as a way to thank his fans.  However, as many of you have heard, Drake's free concert at the SouthStreet Seaport (Lower Manhattan) was cancelled due to the large turn out and rioting.

Since the incident Drake has been apologizing via Twitter (@drakkardnoir)

Watch the madness:

seems every one wants a  piece of the It- Man, let Drake tell it, not everyone is trying to get a piece of him.   “I really tried to do a song with Andre 3000, but I think it was meant for my second album,” Drake told VIBE on the eve of his album release.

Only releasing his first album signed with a major label, Drake is already making plans and moves for his follow up album. 
"I think on the second album I’ll probably only have two features. I have a few people in mind and Dre probably will be one of them.  [Andre] is one of those people that needs you to do a little more. He’s one of those people that believe in his craft so much that he needs you to do more than just be over hyped or just famous. In his mind, I have to prove myself and the truth is, I do."
Fans can expect big things from Drizzy.  With his fans at heart, I'm sure he won't dissapoint.


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June 15, 2010

New Music:

Faith Evans ft Snoop Dog- "Way You Move"

This song has real laid back vibe.  Its cool hit that has summer anthem potential, besides who doesn't need a ssoundtrack to their summer flings??

The Game ft Yung Joc- "We Do It Big"

Not a huge Game fan but this song is pretty aight.  Its one to bump when riding through the hood, windows down, music blaring.  Love the Biggie Sample too....

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