December 21, 2009

I'm so bored right now.
Itch'n like a crack head, but I don't know what I'm craving.... (well I do, but I'll never tell)

Maybe I'll watch a movie, or Beyonce' (I recorded her "I Am... Yours" special on BET earlier).

My sister can be such a hater (for lack of a better word) sometimes.... any && everything I like, she hates. Hmm... yet everything I like/do (how I talk, dress, act) she eventually ends up doing... i.e. dressing like a white girl rather than a hoodrat

...pardon the mini rant

Still got a paper to write, wtf why is my semester not over yet??


btw one of the worst feelings in the world is missing people who don't seem to miss you.

::reaches for the pork rinds::

later dweebs

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