lost little girl- the poem

December 22, 2009

You know what's wrong with you?
You think there's nothing wrong...
Up in the club, grinding to every song.
While your three kids are at home,
Being raised by the tv, no adults, they're all alone.

Now the cycle continues && its a shame,
Ur daughters missing class to spread her legs lookin for fame...
She has no self esteem, && that's her dream
Mommy wasn't there && daddy couldn't cut it...
So she does what she does, tellin her conscience to shut it.

Now what do you do?
Step in and save her?
That won't stop her wild behavior...
Cuz if you can do it, so can she.
Won't stop, unless she catches that HIV.

Time for change,
Cuz this all seems strange...
Bxtches pride themselves on their bodies,
Whatever happened to ur mind? Dislikes? And hobbies?

He won't respect you,
And neither will I...
Cuz this ain't you,
Ur living a lie...

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