Don't Blame Nicki Minaj...

December 8, 2009

So I got the idea for this post from Miss Khaki, check out her post here...

In her post she's basically asking what is all the hype about Miss Minaj, she's not even all that *hoodrat voice*

Here's my comment on the whole situation:
"I like what she stands for, a female presence in the rap game...


Like many who sign with Young Money, her shit got lame once she got a lil bit of fame.
She had tracks before her beam me up scotty mix tape, and she has talent (she can spit/sing)
but fuckin with wayne now she's auto tuned- out, she's sounding more n more like him.
Its pathetic...
(Devil's advocate time) No body can knock her cuz shes doing what wayne's doing... NOT EVERYTHING WAYNE SPITS IS HOT!!!! but people act like it is, i feel my iq drop everytime I really listen to him, so now I just bop to the music.
As far as these women out here calling them selves barbies (BARBIES = Bum Ass Replica Bitches Imitating Everyone's Swag) that's their fault, can't blame Ms Minaj..."

So the point of my post is, is it really Nicki's fault that all these bumb bxtches decided it was cool to swagger jack her?  That is was cool get matching weaves and run around calling themselves barbies when they look like ken?

I say don't blame poor Nicki, lol.  Now she's gotta go think of another way to be origianl while the bird bxtches sit and wait for the next big thing.  Come on  son *(ed lova voice*), that's like blaming Jordan for making his sneakers- how was he supposed to know that they would become the official hoodrat shoe of choice???

If anybody is offended by this post... TOO BAD ITS MY BLOG lol

I leave you with the latest young money video "Bed Rock"

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