im loosing my mind. officially

December 7, 2009

I'm really trying to be patient with && let God handle things... but I need to take action now.  All my shit is pilling up in my mom's house and she wants to put it in storage! I don't know if you've ever had to live out a suit case for an extended amount of time,but the shit sucks!

I don't have a room of my own... This is self explanatory as any female, especially a 21 year old, needs her space.

I didn't get the job i went on like 100+ interviews for. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

Everything that I want to do, I can't. And why? Because I'm broke.

This is not how I pictured life when I was finally 21, but whatever...

I had a crazy ass dream last night.
My sister, my boyfriend, and I were in Australia.  The entire continent was flooding and the government was not trying to evacuate the people, only the officials.<-- would def happen in real life.
By the grace of god we found like a speed boat then a really tall skycrapper.  We waited on the roof untill the three huge waves passed.  Strangely, the water would rise and fall pretty quickly.

I don'y know but the shit was weird.  Once we made it to safety we met up with some other friends, my ex boyfriend, and some complete strangers.  My mom was ok, we spoke to her on the phone, but she didnt appear anywhere in my dream

I wish I knew what the fcuk this means.  Weird right?  I need a  drink... Or an L.

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