December 14, 2009

My mom, my sis, and I went on a shopping spree on saturday (my sister's treat ;) )  && got some really cute stuff.  I CANT WAIT TIL CHRISTMAS... I know I sound like a big ass kid, sue me.

So I took a placement test with the US Census Bureau on  Sunday.  They said we should aim towards the high 80's... I scored a 97% hopefully I'll be getting that phone call...

Best part is, my test administrator says they don't do random drug testing (in case I wanna take up old habits).  I blame Kid Cudi, been bumpin his songs a lot lately....

My semester is almost over and I'm looking at all A's, maybe one B...

I miss my boyfriend, though he's been pissing the fcuk off lately.  Won't be seeing his high yeller ass til New Years, sux right? I know.

My sister is home from school, now it feels even more crowded than it was.  I really need to get my own place.


there's not much going on with me, I need a muse.  Something to motivate/inspire me...

I need a girls night out.  Maybe one day soon.

later dweebs.

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