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December 19, 2009

So I was late for work today. and now they probably won't call me to work again anytime soon... smh

So I did a little Xmas shopping...

...for myself :)

I got a bunch of stuff for under $200, unbelievable I know....

The goodies include:

A royal blue peacoat
Royal blue suede ankle boots
Tan moccasins (sp?)
two pairs of jeans (since im ripping all my older pairs)
a sweat shirt with cute zipper accents
a black blazer
some graphic tees
and three pairs of earrings

my mom says I can't have my stuff until Xmas (what am I 12??), so I'll have the pics up after then....

side note:
I'm thinking of getting a custom domain.
Should I go from to ???

later dweebs

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