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December 17, 2009

Lately I've suffered from a few set backs.  But as many of you may know, I want to be a writter.  Fcuk that, I am a writer... Just not a published author lol

Anyways, I spoke with my creative writing professor, and I decided that the type of writing I want to do has no genre.  So...  I will make one of my own.

I've been sitting here waiting for my big break, not realizing I have to make shxt happen!

I guess I just partially believed that my talent will get me where I wanna be.  But there's a business to this whole thing, now I'm playing catch up.

So today, I will write.  I will write all day.  It's time for me and my laptop to get reacquainted. Yup....

If everything goes well, this is what you can expect by this time next year:

An anthology or collection of short stories.

A poetry book.

And I will finally finish one of my novels.

December 17, 2010 will be my day... watch and see

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