thank you. thank you. you're far too kind

December 20, 2009

thanks to * ! zodiac ! *  for creating this award.  check her out here
so the rules are as follows:
"Just pick five (or more if you like) blogs that you have been in love with ever since you first checked them out then under that blog name just give one reason why you come back for more."

  1. Trey : I don't know how many times I'm gonna nominate you... deal with it.  The music head in me appreciates every post! (p.s. love the new layout)
  2. Lalaliyabean : ur bold as shxt.  Things I think to post, you do.... lmao, keep it up.
  3. Landre : is different. thoughts, ideas, swag= all unique, its appreciated
  4. Reesey Reese : honesty is always the best policy.  She keeps it real...
  5. .cris. : new to this blogspot clique but quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
if you weren't mentioned that doesn't mean I don't read, but I look these guy's updates...

later dweebs

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