iPod top 20.

December 20, 2009

turn my ipod on. put it on shuffle. list the first 20 songs that come on.

  1. We Taking Over- Lil Wayne 'n dem
  2. The Calm- Drake
  3. Mirror- Ne-Yo
  4. Deceiving- Drake
  5. Splash Waterfalls- Ludacris
  6. Love and Affection- Pressure [for my westindians ;)]
  7. Watch Di Gal Dem Roll- Sean Paul
  8. Touch- Omarion
  9. It's Yours- J Holiday
  10. Blessed- Christina Aguilera
  11. Houstalantavegas- Drake
  12. Role Play- Trey Songz
  13. Mr. Yeah- The Dream
  14. Sexy Can I- Ray J
  15. One Sweet Day- Mariah ft Boyz II Men
  16. Handstand- Nicki Minaj ft Shannell
  17. Just One of Those Days- Monica
  18. Stay- Pretty Ricky
  19. Ignorant Shxt- Lupe Fiasco
  20. Halo- Beyonce
there you go folks... now consider yourselves tagged.

later dweebs

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