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January 5, 2009

Hello all...
I am pleased to announce that I received my first email asking for advice! The sender (who wishes to remain anonymous) is asking, to some, a life altering question. I am too happy to answer the question as it is a subject dear to my heart.

The email is as follows:

"Dear PrincessaMedia:
I just wanna say I wasn't really into the whole blog thing but your's is kinda cool. You can relate to it, which is why I joined your group on facebook. I don't want you to reveal my name on your blog because those who know me or you will automatically know what situation I am speaking on.

But my question is: When do things get easier? I feel like I give and I give to family, friends, and even my boyfriend and I feel like I never get the same in return. Now all the people in my circle aren't all jerks (my boyfriend and my sisters and brothers) but the friends aren't as understanding or caring...

After I sat them down to tell them how I was feeling and what we should do to move on and it seems weeks later nothing has changed. What should I do?"

I would just like to say thanks for reading my blog! And secondly this isn't an easy question to answer. Some of the more stubborn people I know would say to cut them off and keep on moving. Some of the nicer people I know would say try talking to them again because some people never learn on the first try.

Personally, from experience I've learned that just because you hold someone in high regards that the sentiment doesn't have to be returned. I had people in my life that I felt were life long friends that turned out to be semester long friends...

You see like my mom always told me (and she's pretty wise for a young mom, lol) God puts people in your life to teach you certain lessons and that once you learn from them, they leave. So, I was learning from these people and trying to keep them in my life way past their expiration dates.

You gotta go with the flow, and not to sound cliche but if you love something, let it go, and if it comes back its here to stay. If these people are willing to leave (or in your situation, not be there like they should or just overall bad friends) let them go. If they're true friends they'll find their way back to.

Take this as a sign that God wants you to work on you. Maybe you need some more alone time or God is teaching you independence. Just remember everything happens for a reason and to learn to find the good in things.

Hope this helps

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