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January 5, 2009

Hello all...

I feel a little weird once I really got into this whole blogging thing and the conclusion that I've come to is....

::drumroll please:: Blogging is just like high school. Its a race to see who can get the most hits on their page, basically who can become the most popular. Who's page design is the most unique. And what I've found is that every one on here is striving to be the most unique and "different from the rest" or the most mainstream. So that makes me ask, where do I fall in? what genre is my blog? What kind of audience (if any) do I have?

The thing that is mind boggling to me is that majority of the blogs that I have seen haven't really been news worthy or special. But then that leads me to the question: is my blog newsworthy? who decides what newsworthy is?

Don't mind me I get a little frazzled from time to time. I begin to question a bunch of things like purpose and existence to whether or not I really enjoy all my hobbies and such.

I guess my main point is self reflection. We should all stop an re- evaluate ourselves. Be original and don't regret ANY thing that you do...

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