i spit hot fire.

January 14, 2010

Ok, what's going on in the world of the female rapper??  Lets recap shall we? 

Trina. --Completely out of her element,.  If ain't about her ass &&getting nxggas for their $$, she ain't got nothing to talk about.,.

Ms. Minaj. --Ridiculed for being raunchy && completely underrated by the masses,.  They say she's turned into a female lil wayne, so it's not ok for her to talk//act like weezy? But weezy can carry on all crazy?  ::confused look::

Lola Luv//Monroe. --video hoe turnt rapper.  giving up her "modeling career (video hoeing)" to focus on her "music",. lame,. in my opion.  She sounds eerily familiar...


the two sound A LOT a like...

im praying for the ladies to make it big in 2010,. keep your fingers crossed.

p.s. where's Kim?? Foxy?? FREE REMY! lol

--later dweebs &&dweeb-ettes

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