90210/ Melrose Place!!!! OMG!

September 8, 2009

Things I realized after watching 90210:

1) Young girls and old guys really creep me out... And yea, they are usually married with kids and won't tell you.
2) high school girls are cattier then the average female.
3) More money more problems.
4) I don't think I could ever give my kid up for adoption.
5) West coast looks like more fun then it might actually be...
6) White people can't dance... (sorry, not all)
7) Alcohol gets you into trouble... (well too much alcohol)
8) Hoes should never leave a virtual trail (ie pics in a camera phone)
9) Suppressing your feelings only leads to worse drama.
10) When some one says they have something to tell you, don't assume anything; just listen....

Things I realized after watching the premiere of Melrose place:

1)Older women and younger men grosses me out just as much as the opposite.
2)Way too much is going on with the people of one apartment complex.
3)Not only can ASHLEY SIMPSON not sing, but she's even worse at acting...
4)If you have to think about a marriage proposal, you should say no.
5) Is Melrose Place in 90210?
6)Auggie did it???
7) How did A. Simpson get casted?
8)How much more can they fit in the next episode?

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