EVE shuts down 'fetish' clothing line for the 2nd time

September 28, 2009

Rapper turned actress/entrepenuer is shutting down her clothing line fetish, for the second time.

This time may be for good according to ballerstatus.com. After disputes with her Inovo Group, Eve was set to revamp && relaunch the collection for the third time.
"You know what they say, third time's the charm. And I believe it -- it's my favorite number," she said last year."I would actually wear the new Fetish collection. I actually have this in my closet."
 But since she has focused more on her music && acting.  Eve is set to appear in Drew Barrymore's directorial debute "Whip It" out this October && has secured a guest spot on the sitcom "Glee".

Musically, Eve is currently a free agent after leaving Geffen Records.  She is reportedly working with the Ruff Riders again on a compilation album.

-I guess fashion just wasn't for her....

hypocritically speaking of course,

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