hoe please.

September 23, 2009


This is a public service announcement...

If you have multiple sex partners (some of which, you don't know their last names), your idea of a date is fcukin' in ur homeboy's bathroom, you can no longer count on your fingers &&toes how many dudes have ran up in you...

you're a slore.
a whore.
...whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Ok gather 'round, its story time

So I know a girl, lets call her Angie.
Angie, whom I haven't spoken to in months (partially because I was distancing my self, you know the old sayin 'show me who your friends are && I'll show you who you are') so she decides to confide in me, probably because she doesn't have many female friends...

Angie, thinks she's pregnant. Hoeray!
No, this isn't one of those "I'm so happy for you" moments.
I accidently uttered,who's the father?
cuz UMMMMM last time I checked, she was single && had been for a long time.

And do you know what hoe said?
I think this dude named Roc.

Ok, back track.
Angie, is some one I met in college my freshmen year.
She was one of those girls that did extra shit to get attention but swore she didn't have to do anything but walk in a room to and be the center of attention.
She also was willing to do whatever to keep that attention, including sexin' everything that walks (she was a liquor lesbo).
No body really respected her but she was popular && the go to person for parties, so lots of people tolerated.

Back to the story.
Naturally I'm thinking: what do you mean 'you think'? what's his real name? does she know it? why would you even sleep with some one who calls them self Roc?
So I asked her what she planned on doing about the situation.

DISCLAIMER: I am pro choice, its your body I just hope your ready to live with the choices you make.

The b*tch goes:

"(sucks teeth) Ima get rid of it! Don't no man want some chick with kids... How would I look??"(exact words here)

So many things wrong this, where shall I start?
1. your more worried about finding a man than finishing school.
2. your not concerned with your emotional or physical well being, just as long as you remain appealing to men.
3. if a man doesn't want you after you've had a child, he probably wouldn't of wanted you before (don't blame the kids lol)

My point
if your a hoe, own it. admit to it.
if you have no desire to better yourself, own it. admit to it.
whatever your flaw, love it && keep it moving.

I know this was random, but oh well

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