Neve Campbell agrees to star in forth 'Scream' movie

September 26, 2009

Teen-scream sensation Neve Campbell is last to join the returning cast of the cult classic "Scream" trilogy.

Earlier this year there was buzz about the much delayed sequel && in July, the husband/wife team David Arquette && Courtney Cox agreed to reprise their roles as 'Dewey Riley' && 'Gale Weathers'. YAY =)

At that time Campbell refused to reprise her starring role as 'Sydney Prescott', according to

I guess the talk of the movie continuing on with or with out here gave the starlette a change of ♥.

Writer/Director, Kevin Williamson, twitted about the reunion:

Yes on Neve guys! Read Variety! Whew! All I can say is “Whew”

Williams was referring to the article in Variety Magazine. Which read:

...I’m going back to doing what I do best,” Bob Weinstein has unveiled several films to be released by Dimension over the next year, many in 3-D. “Scream IV” will start production in April or May as the first of a new trilogy and the company is talking to Wes Craven to direct, Weinstein reports. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will star … The first three “Scream” pictures registered grosses of roughly $100 million a piece in the U.S.

I don't think you guys know how excited I am! The Scream Trilogies are in my top favorite [horror] movies of all time!!!

=) can't wait to see it...

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