pretty for a black girl.

September 25, 2009


So today I took my niece to the neurologist (yup Ima good auntie) when a hispanic woman came over && started talking to me.

First off let me say that I don't like people (black, white, brown, spanish, asian, ALIVE) && if I don't already know you, then I don 't wanna get to know you.

But this middle- aged woman continues to talk my ear off while we sit in the waiting room. I'm pretty good at ignoring strangers (people I know && care for are a different story) when something she said actually reached me.

She had the nerve to say

You very pretty. What else are you? I know you can't just be Black.

stop the presses. Old b-i-itch say what??
Now I'm sure somewhere in that ignorance was a compliment, the problem is: I'm not digging that far in to find it!

So I said back to her:
no I'm just Black. 100% Black. 100% Beautiful.

Her face dropped && she scooted over a couple of seats. I guess she was trying to figure out if I had some spanish in me (or latino, idk which ever is politically correct) && thus wanted to bound.

Sorry to burst her bubble.

The thing about this is it wasn't the first time. Lately (since I've made the decision to go natural) I've been questioned a lot on my ethnicity. Partially because of my chinky/slanted eyes but more so for my curly/wavy hair

One time when I was in high school, some puerto rican dude told me I was "pretty for a black girl". See I went to h.s. in spanish harlem so my school was filled with em. So of course every black girl I knew was offended
1- because they wanted to be called pretty for their race (ignorant)
2- or because they didn't like me && thought I wasn't pretty.

for the record, I think I am badd =) yup with 2 "d's"

So because I don't like to feed into people's ignorance I tell people I am 100% black, which isn't the whole truth.

But I feel like I'm sticking to them to say 'yea we got some badd looking black women in the real world (not including celebrities)

So to set the record straight:

Eury is 50% Jamaican (mixed with Chinese, yes honestly...), 25% Black (straight negro), && 25% British/ Greek (for the simple- minded this means White).

If your still confused: My dad is Jamaican && Chinese and my mom is half Black && half White.

Yup... Ima mut =)

SHOUT OUTS: shout out to Shadé for the HOT header =) check out her blog

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