October 5, 2009

I'm getting really sick of what is happening to my black people.

Today as I walked home from class, I noticed this group of middle schoolers (I'm assuming but kids are big these days) && the way they acted/ talked was very unbecoming.... lol

Now by no means think I'm passing judgement cuz I cuss like a sailor && proud of it.
But I know there's a time && place for everything, but these kids musta missed that memo.

So the convo goes:

random lil boy:  You a hoe, you was giving him [who? idk] head in the staircase!
random lil girl: How you know? where you there? anyway, that's my boo so I can do whatever I want!
Ok, umm...  Boo? My teeth hurt I was cringing so hard.
they continued:
lil boy: You a hoe cuz you was messin' wit his friend when school started.
lil girl: We broke up.  Why you on my dick? I ain't messin' with you so why you care?
lil boy: Cuz I don't like hoes, you nasty!
lil gurl: Ya mova's a hoe && she nasty!

when did we start to teach our young to hate each other && their selves?
I didn't talk like this when I was younger.  Partly because my mother would snatch me bald if I did.  But mostly because I wouldn't want anyone to talk to me like that.

When did our generation loos it's self respect?  && why are we passing this on to our youth?!

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