HIV hits home for me...

October 23, 2009

Shit is real out here.  So one of my closest friends (we actually use to be best friends, then college happened) might have HIV...

I'm stressing right now because although we fell off I still care deeply for him &&I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.  Now I just wanna know if it's true but I feel like I dont' even have the right to ask.


So this is how I found out.

My foster sister, V, is best friends with J.  J calls her up today saying they need to talk.  The two meet up && he drops the bomb on her.  "I have HIV".  Supposedly, they cried && carried on, but I wasn't there so I don't know.

Peep this tho, J tells V that he got it from my best friend && that my best friend knew he had it && chose not to tell him.<------ BOGUS!!!!

First off, my best friend is a big dude, and in the gay community they are less desirable.  With that said, he has never be the type to sleep around or be a man-whore.  J, my best friend, && I all went to high school together.  SO WE ALL KNEW EACH OTHER && WERE COOL.  We had that commerodary so I know if they started fooling around he woulda been a man about his && told J what was up.

So V automatically believed everything J said (which is to be expected, they're "Best Friends") && ran to my mom with this info, not me... which I feel is fucked up.

J doesn't exactly have the best reputation, && it's been this way since high school.  I wish him all the luck, but I'm more concerned with my best friend. fcuked up? sue me.

So I texted my best friend to see how he was doing.  We set a time to meet up tomorrow  (Saturday) && chill.  I have to know what's really going on, but Idk how to bring it up in conversation...

This whole situation is fcuked up.
Shit got real for a minute.  I never knew anyone with HIV or AIDS personally.  Hell, I never knew anybody with an uncurable STD/STI for that matter.

What y'all think?

Please ladies && gents, wrap it up.  In all types of sex you have.  &&Unless you've been in a committed relationship && there is no doubt in your mind you too are being faithful, please be safe!

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