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November 24, 2009

Ok... So here's what's been going on (&& keeping me away from my baby, my blog).

Its getting pretty hectic. I can handle it though, I aced my mid-term (got the highest grade in the class :) ) && now I have a bunch of papers to write, so I don't have much time to write for leisure.

The BF.
He's great. Haven't seen him in almost a month. But I'm going to see him after thanksgiving. I really miss him. I hate long distance relationships... ::sighs::

So I went on a follow up interview for a job with my mom's company. Its a good look y'all. Salaried, full benefits, vacation time, && the whole nine yards.... I hope I get this job, i would be financially sound at least until I graduate in like 2 years. Then I'll finally be where I wanted to be at the age of 21.

I've been spending a lot of time alone, which is a huge deal for me. I've learned alot about the people around me. && with that said my circle has dropped down to three people. But I am A-O K with that, less drama to worry about.

digression: money WILL ruin friendships....

I was thinking about giving the women at my school a chance, some of them have invited me out.  At the very least they can be club buddies, right?  The only problem is they remind me so much of the chicks that called me "white girl", "stuck up", "prissy", you get the gist...

I did go out a couple of weekends ago with an old friend from high school.  I saw some old flames, but for the most part it was fun.  I felt so out of place in this damn club.  I didn't know any of the songs the DJ played.  I am so over the chicks getting banged out by dudes on the dance floor, take that shit to the bedroom.  I am even more over dudes pulling on your arm even after you've told them you weren't interested.  I will never understand why some women don't dress for their body type (they must not have friends to tell them "Bxtch go back &&change, you look a hot mess!")

other than that, I've missed basically eveything socially relevant in the media... who wants to help me catch up??

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