November 1, 2009

Its been nine days since my last post...  May not seem like a big to some, but this blog is like my diary.  A very public diary.

Anyways. For the last couple of days i've been in a funk.  Idk why, it just hit me kind of suddenly.
My neice is sick which means no sleep for anyone in a 50 mile radius.

I finally caught up in all my classes.  I had switched my schedule around so that I could take all evening classes.  New classes= new work. Luckily the professors were really cool about me entering the class so late but whatever.  In these new classes I learned something terrible about myself.

I like white professors better then my previous black professors.  Now before anyone tries to chop my head off hear me out.  Because my new school is filled with students in the "adult learning" program they are not all on the same level.  Some are earning a GED while earning their bachelor's, some are continuing education after taking many years off from school.

Getting to the point...The black professors always try to "relate" by making generalizations.  They make comments in class about having to juggle "all your kids" && finding time to study.  They make street references comparing the material to gangs, prostitution, etc.

Now I get that some people may relate &&this is a great way to reach out to them, but what about the traditional student? What about the students who don't have children and don't run the streets?

Can't you just teach me about John Dewey && keep it moving?? Oh && we have syllabi that we don't stick to. If one person in the class is confused they change the whole lesson plan to cater to them.  What ever happened to private tutoring?

Now my white professors, they assume that you're an active student (you read, do the homework,, etc.).  They explain things to you && open up a dialogue.  They want you to think, have an opinion, instead of just dictating to you.

I took my niece trick-or-treating in the neighborhood &&its safe to say the hoodrats were out in full effect.  LADIES!  I'm down for the dressing up in costumes tryna look cute, but lets set some ground rules:
  1. If your over the age of 15, it is only acceptable to wear a costume to a halloween party or if your having trick-or-treaters coming to your house.
  2. Don't wear lingerie out to the club with some wings and call it a costume, that's trashy.
  3. Cleavage is only cute if your breasts aren't saggy.
  4. As far as costumes go:  if you wouldn't wear a short tight mini dress to the club on a regular day, maybe you shouldn't on halloween either, even with some little ears && a tail.
  5. Last but not least, if you can't walk in heels you should opt for the flats (I think this applies for any day tho)
My niece's good for nothing  "mother" && hood rat friend were in attendance && the added attention was recognized.  They were turning heads left && right, but I don't  think it was necessarily a good thing.  They both have reputations && i hate being out with them becauser I feel like the poor decisions they've made reflect on me while I'm standing next to them.  But whatever, it was a one time thing....

My boyfriend && I celebrated our 3 month anniversary by arguing.  We're always arguing && always making up.  Idk, I think it's the distance which is exactly why I'm going to visit him this Thursday.  We're gonna go out on a "blind date", you kno role playing lol.  I'll  let you guys know how it turns out...

YAY!!!! I have 100+ followers, thanks guys I truly appreciate it!

That's all for now, until later...

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