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November 10, 2009

I hate females.  I HATE FEMALES. i hate females.

Ok let me back track a bit.
There's this girl, who shall remain nameless, who I've known since the 3rd grade.  We were best friends since then up until the 10th grade.  Our friendship ended like most highschool bff relationships do.  She got a boyfriend and you couldn't tell her nothing.  I was ready to assert my independence and no longer wanted to be known as "her friend".  Lets just say the usual high school drama.

And so when the clique she left me for left her, guess who came crawling back? DING DING DING!
That's right, she did.

So I kept her at arm's reach.  My mama always taught to never burn bridges cuz you'll never know when you'll need a person, so I did what she said... I kept my friends close, and my enemies closer...

Years pass.  I went away for college.  She stayed in NY for college.  And once the decision was made for me to come on back we decided to meet up. The two real friends that I have held onto from college both live in CT so I needed some local peeps, not friends, but someone to help pass the time.

So I meet up with her && we go shopping.  We both are discussing our financial/school situations when I realize we have a lot still in common.  She mentioned how her grandmother was subletting a 2 bedroom apart.  Rent and utilities included, and it was hella cheep.  Needless to say I was sold.

The following week we made plans to go see the apartment and I let her borrow a skirt of mine that I bought on our shopping trip.  This was back in August...  For those of you who don't know, it is now NOVEMBER!

I have yet to see the apartment and have officially moved on.  I never really wanted a roommate so now its time for me to do me, alone.

Even still, at this point, it's the principle of the matter.  I don't particularly borrow friend's clothes or vice versa because I have my own unique style and they have theirs.  Plus we're all different sizes.  So when she asked I was a bit reluctant.  But of course me being the optimistic fool that I am I figured 'hey we're gonna be living together soon, so I know I'll get it back'...

Um, yea- no.

Bitch is ducking me.  So I sent her a lovely text this morning so I could be done with it all.  Honestly, the skirt wasn't that expensive but I wanted her to know I was calling her bluff.  I tell her its really messed up to make promises etc, especially since this isn't the first time I've hit her up on the subject.  Every time I contacted her it was "yea girl Ima bring it this week end, oh and we should go out for drinks" <---- never happened.

So now she responds and tries to flip everything on me... UMMMM NO

Basically in a nutshell, she is tryna flip shit on me and say that this is a petty reason to cut ties with a person.
[I kindly remind her that if she can't return a skirt, how can i trust her to pay her half of the rent??]
She claims she has a lot going on and that I shoulda knew there was a reason why she wasn't answering me.
[bullshit, because the same 5 mins it took you to send me this text you coulda did it a month ago instead of inviting me out on the town]

This shit is really getting to me because I don't like being catty, but she's about to bring it out...
I don't understand why females act the way they do.  That's why I trust 'em as far as I can throw 'em...

you've been warned...

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