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March 18, 2010

YO!I've been super busy lately (not really) && I haven't gotten things to the point where I want them as far as how my blog is looking these days but I;m working on it...

I'm feeling fabolous lately! Venturing out meeting and talking to people I normally wouldn't. Life is taking an unexpected turn for me, I can feel it. There I go again be optimistic.... I miss the mean pessimist than use to be me, it was comfortable.

Anywho my 1 year anniversary since I joined my sorority is 10 days away; it just happens to be the same day as the bf && I's 7 month anniversary =)

I miss him. It's been like 2 months since I saw him last... To deal I've been on twitter a lot now (follow @socialcarnivore). Tryin to fill that void lol.

I also took up that bad habit again.  He doesn't know.  Maybe he does now. shxt....

I had a short hair style but I switched it because I wanted to look more spring-y (?)

And I got a new pair of frames. Moms been spoiling me lately. What's new wit chu??

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