im so pretty like...

March 8, 2010

My boyfriend has always told me ' have pretty people problems."

I've noticed lately how full of myself I'm becoming... I even started working out again...  I've always been feminine, but lately I've been called 'prissy' and 'stuck-up'

I'm investing way too much on my physical beauty, and though I'm still a smart girl, I feel like less people even know what I am capable of on an intellectual level.

I can't figure out why, my attitude is still the same.  I just think people are threatened by me, especially since the weather is getting so nice out.

Cuffin season is gonna be over soon and then guy's are gonna try to talk to me and everything walking, therefore I represent the end of their fling.  Sorry, me & my boo will be waving  from the sidelines...

Life's good. I'm great  && appearently pretty...

--later dweebs & dweeb-ettes

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