The Sinsational Series, No. 2

April 13, 2010

The Garden Collection only at H&M

"The Garden Collection by H&M is made with environmentally adapted materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and organic linen. By choosing these garments you contribute to a more sustainable world." [more]
I must say, I am really feeling this line, and I think the whole green- friendly fashion is very fashion forward and affordable for the frugalista!

Here are some tips when trying to achieve this look:
  1. Mixing patterns is a great idea for any season, but remember to keep the same general color palette to avoid looking too busy.
  2. Floral can be sexy, feminine, and edgy-- as long as you have the right accesories to wear with these peices.
  3. Be fearless! You might start a new trend.
  4. Recycle any old floral patterns you have at home, make it a DIY project-- Instant Vintage!
Hope this helped!

Sinsationally yours, 

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