My ears need a break...

May 5, 2010

Ladies & Gentleman, we gotta do better!

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Allow me to elaborate.  We over here at The Sinsationalist live, eat, breathe, and sleep pop culture and entertainment news, but there's been a saturation of crap on the media channels.

Music blogs are being flooded with hook & jive- my word rhymes "MC's", the coonery & bafoonery flooded tv |I'm talking about these crappy reality shows|.

Don't believe me?  Check out this video:

countless video hoes turn rappers? Sit down Gloria, all the way down.

And after all this, are you looking for something musically refreshing? Yet depressing at the same time?

Sade- "Baby Daddy"

This song is it.  The message is sad, but one that we need to hear. "Your daddy don't come with a life time guarantee".  Never have I heard truer words.

Sinsationally yours,

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