it's 11:05pm

September 25, 2009

First off let me just say it takes extreme dedication to be blogging on a friday night...

notby choice.

Any ways, at the start of this post it was 11:05 pm.

Thus I will share 11 things about me most of you don't know. And my 5 cents about something random...

1. I am a better friend to most of my friends then they are to me.

2. I use to smoke a ridiculous amount, and no not cigarettes.

3. I stopped smoking because it wasn't lady like, but I really miss it.

4. I was forced into learning to be alone && now I'm afraid that in the middle of conversations I revert back into my mind instead of listening.

5. I'm super sensitive. Like, ridiculously sensitive. So I'm always in attack mode. I will hurt you before you hurt me (social carnivore).

6. I'm jealous of other girls that can leave the house not matching. I'm too anal to ever do that.

7. I feel trapped in this point of my life && I don't feel like the average 21 year old.

8. I miss the old days were I was content just sitting in my room listening to music. I think I'm loosing my love of music =(

9. When I say I don't care what people think I'm completely lying. Somethings that some people say can really piss me off.

10. Speaking of that, I have anger issues. Not sure why but the slightest thing sets me off && I'm easily annoyed.

11. I'm proud of myself because I didn't think I could share this many things about myself (I always fight with myself over how much is too much info)


Why is that women never want a guy until he's taken? Are we that insecure or bored that we can't stand to see another woman happy? I think women who throw themselves at a man that is taken (knowingly) is pathetic. Get your own dude. Its not sexy, you look insecure && selfish. && that's exactly what a guy is looking for in a woman right? wrong. work on self then go find you a single guy.

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