no friend of mine.

November 3, 2009

Ima keep this short && sweet because I promised myself that I wouldn't devote any more time to this issue.

I'm pissed because people who are supposed to be my friends, my sisters are proving to be quite the opposite.  They're very much self centered, proud, and selfish.  My mama has always told me I'm too nice to people and that I'm a better friend to many than they are to me.

This is just another one of those times...  I'm tired of missing people, wondering how they're doing, just showing general concern when they don't even care if I'm alive.


I had a mild epiphany.  FUCK EM.  I stress the small things way too much.  I let people occupy way too much time in my mind.  But not anymore.

It's all about me && those who trully care.  How do I sort out the good from the bad??  I just stop caring.  If they call, they call.  Consistency is key.

I'll let you guys know how many people actually end up caring....

&&now back to your regular schedule.

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