Women in the sex industry understand men better than women who aren't in the industry?????

November 29, 2009

As I was burrowing through the hundreds of blogs I follow I found the link to a post by a women who strips at the infamous Magic City strip club.

Now I know what y'all are thinking, relationship advice from a stripper?? But this was an interesting post.

I agreed with some of her claims, then she completely lost me...

"Because we bare witness to so much fuckery, without having to be directly involved. Its like getting a live tutorial of MEN ARE DOGS 101. We know what it is that men really want and what they will do to get it. Being in the adult entertainment industry has really just exposed the skeletal make up of a man. Horny, selfish, uncontrollable creatures. Females in this industry have been conditioned to be a man's best friend, minus the leash. No matter how in or out of l-ve they may be, when put in the right situation any man will respond to temptation. Doesnt matter. "

I use to think like this... It's that high school mentality.  You can't trust men because you've been hurt a couple of times.  And you know what I say to that?  If you think every man in the universe is a scum bag, then all you'll end up with is a scum bag.

Now I'm not saying going into anything blind, if the signs are there that your guy is cheating, then he probably is. NEVER IGNORE THE SIGNS. But if they're not, don't assume the worst...

then she comes to the sad realization:

"Us ladies in the adult entertainment industry are not better than you, we are just unveiled, and just as raw. If you think about it, the hopes of romantic, monogamous and blissful relationships are at a minimum for us. Sure we know that there is a chance, but we know it comes at a cost. Whether that cost is your significant other having a secret affair, or lack of sex in the relationship, or some kind of a double life, we know the cost to worth ratio. The value you put on your man, better be worth the cost, from what I have personally seen, no "good" man, comes for free. Expect a loss. See? Only someone who has seen what I have seen would tell you something like that."

I respect that she knows her stance/place on her chances at love, but it comes with the profession.

check out the entire post here

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