my weekend.

October 12, 2009

My week end was chaotic, to say the least.

I went down to Maryland to visit some family.  This wasn't a casual visit, instead it was a stressful one.  My grandmother is back in the hospital.  Last winter she had a heart attack followed by a mild stroke.  She was pronounced dead for 45 minutes.

Then they resusitated her.

That was the saddest/happiest day of my life.  Any ways, sense then her health has been slowly fading.  She had a check a up with the doc && they told her she needed a blood tranfusion. So my family packed up && shipped out.

Luckily when we got there she was ok.  My crack head 2nd cousin (seriously she's on crack) had blown the situation way outta proportion && I was done with her before I had even started.

On the lighter note, I got to go to Walmart.  Being from NY (the closest one is in Queens which is a hour &&change away driving) and I got two really cute tops.

Don't sleep on walmart!  I find some really cute stuff everytime I'm there.  =)

My aunt cooked sunday dinner, after pissing me off.  She's the type that has a PhD in everything.  SO she brings up my father && tells me how I'm a bad daughter because I'm making no effort to mend our relationship.  DONT GET ME STARTED!

I got a phone call for a job interview on wednesday.  This'll be my first real job.  It's salaried, includes paid vacation time, and FULL TIME.

needless to say I could use the 5 figures lol.  But what will I do about school? My life just got real complicated outta no where.

Me && the hubby made plans to see each other this week =D
He's in PA && i'm in NY.  We haven't seen each other in two months, I hate long distance relationships...
But he's worth it (til he makes me mad lol)

I got a paper due so I'm outtie.  But let me know how you guy's  week end went.

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