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October 16, 2009

I'm visiting my boyfriend away at his school && I started to reflect on our relationship.  I compare it to other people && their relationships, not because I am unhappy, but because I am a female && we tend to do these irrational things.

Any way.  I watched how couples who weren't having sex destroy their relationship by having sex.  Some people may argue that sex doesn't change anything but I beg to differ.

If you take the time out to get to know your bf/gf (&& I mean a few months at the very least) and you get to appreciate their company && personality then if something major happened (idk they lose their job,  or are crippled... know I'm an extremist) because you care for their being wouldn't you be more likely to stand by them then...

If you guys were only having sex?? If the only connection you have with a person is a physical one then when they're looks start to fade, wouldn't the connection also??

My point is people (especially my generation) need to slow with claiming people as their bf/gf when they barely know 'em.  And they damn sure need to slow down when it comes to fcukin' && suckin'

This is just my opinion of course && I have my own reasons for the random post...

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